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Perron är en mycket intelligent, arbetsvillig och lättlärd ras som kräver en mycket tydlig och säker ledare. Du måste tidigt visa att du tar ansvaret för besluten i din familj. Den är mycket signalkänslig och känner av din sinnesstämning mycket lätt. Den kräver oftast mycket social träning som valp/unghund för att fungera bra med främlingar, både människor hundar. Den behöver självklart motion men även mental stimulans varje dag för att må bra. Läs mer på Susanne Halls sida om rasen under länken här:

Länk till kennel Aberlours mycket informativa sida om rasen



This breed belongs to group 8 which includes retrievers, flushing dogs and water dogs.  As we learn from the name, Spanish Water dog, it belongs to the subgroup of water dogs, but it is the only water dog that also has herding qualities. It has been used by Spanish fishermen and shepherds for ages and it is also used as police dogs and rescue dogs in Spain.


The breed is loyal, intelligent and hard working. It is very alert and loves to run. It may be a bit reserved and does not immediately accept all strangers. The dog is easy to train and very good at sports like agility and fly ball. It is usually a good guard dog. It is surprisingly vigorous and it can jump very high. Of course it is a good swimmer and it also dives.


It is a middle sized dog reaching 38-46 cm for females and 40-50 cm for males.  It is a rustic looking, muscular dog which is  slightly longer than it is tall. It may be born with short tail or long or somewhere in between. In Spain the tails are ducked. The coat is always curly and can be kept short or long. The coat can be uniformly black, brown or white or  black and white or brown and white. The brown color comes in all shades from beige to dark brown. The eyes and nose should harmonize with the color of the coat, from light brown to very dark brown eyes and black nose.

Taking care of the coat

The coat is non shedding, woolly and soft. It needs to be cut or shaved off at least once or twice a year. It should not be model cut like the poodle's coat but cut or shaved in the same length all over the body. If you let the coat grow it forms into long cords. The coat should not be groomed because its characteristic curls may be ruined then. When the curls get tangled, just use your fingers to untangle the knots. Big knots sometimes need to be cut off. When the dog gets dirty just shower with lukewarm water. Sometimes you can use a mild shampoo, especially on its legs and paws. Don't rub the shampoo into the coat with your fingers, this will only cause a a tangled mess of the coat. Instead, use a sponge that you pour some shampoo at. Then shampoo the coat  with the sponge in the same direction as the curls grow. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


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